Custom Fashion Jewelry

Exquisite customized fashion jewelry manufacturer

Due to our fantastic design work, our custom fashion jewelry is favored by renowned brands such as Harry Potter, Disney, and many others. Plus, our specialist fashion jewelry factory has access to the highest-quality materials and our jewelry complies with CA 65, REACH, and FDA requirements.

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Fashion jewelry manufactured by us, for your customers

Our team of expert jewelry designers will make your design ideas a reality, supplying you with fashion jewelry that will delight your customers.

Excellent Quality

Our fashion jewelry comes with a highly polished finish, which adorns our products with a glistening, attractive surface that appeals to the end-users and the target market.

Natural Texture

When designing jewelry, our skillful designers can replicate the looks and textures of animals, flowers, and other objects with incredible accuracy.

Strong Customization

We have been providing jewelry for Disney, Harry Potter, and other major brands for years, making us the qualified partner to bring your designs to life. 


2D, 3D, and CAD patterns.


Rhinestones, semi-precious stones, pearls, shells, metal, and more.


Smooth, irregular, organic, and more.


Debossing, embossing, laser engraving, and more.


Platinum, gold, rose gold, gun metal, and more.


Labels, tags, packaging and more can be tailor-made as per request.

Join Our Custom Jewelry Journey



Fast design realization and smooth communication contribute to easy customization with us.



We make sampling quickly to begin mass production, ensuring your orders are delivered to you right away. 



Our jewelry is FDA, Reach, and CA65 compliant to enable easy entry to global markets.

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