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Sustainability Action

We place sustainability into our philosophy and everything we do. Every decision we make embodies sustainable and responsible manufacturing, including product development, energy-efficient operations, and philanthropic efforts.

Our Sustainability Pillars


Packaging for jewelry comes from recycled materials. We also utilize recycled copper to create stunning and fashion jewelry.


We are committed to a philanthropic approach by upholding human rights and gender equality within the workforce.


We use energy-efficient processes and precise manufacturing to lower our carbon footprint and protect the environment.

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From the Very Beginning

Recycled Materials

Copper materials we use for our jewelry come from certified recycling sources to minimize carbon emissions.

Non toxic Materials

Each of our jewelry is FDA, Reach, CA65 certified, and safe for the environment and wearer.

Ethically Sourced Materials

Every material for our packaging and jewelry comes from reliable and sustainable resources..

Everyone Deserves to be Loved

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Gender Harmony

Our team is mainly composed of competent women. We respect women’s rights as well as gender equality.

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Human Rights

We have a harmonious work environment where human rights are respected, helping us earn high employee retention rates.

Give Back

Giving Back

We made investments that have a significant positive impact on the environment and consistently give back to the community.

Committed to Green Production

Hola MORE regularly practices eco-friendly waste management, which produces less sewage and metal dust. Advanced wastewater and waste dust treatment equipment within our facilities reduce industrial pollution and carbon emissions.

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