Solid Supply Chain

Sourcing the Best Across the Country

Hola MORE aims to create long-term partnerships with the best suppliers and promote a strong supply chain across China. We screen our suppliers to ensure the quality of all raw materials.




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The Best Suppliers

Hola MORE only works with qualified, reliable, and quality-focused suppliers.

Noted Material Clusters

Our supply chain is in critical areas: Yiwu, Shandong, Guangdong, and more.

Solid Supply Network

We have an established supply network to create quality fashion jewelry products.

What Sound Supply Chain Can Guarantee You

Hola MORE has a stable, well-organized supply chain that guarantees steady production of best fashion jewelry products made from premium raw materials. 

Solid Supply Chain

We Guarantee

Competitive Prices

Premium Material

Abundant Inventory

Stable Supply

You Benefit

Superb Cost Control

Quality Jewelry

Fast Lead Time

Efficient Production

Quality Jewelry from Proper Sourcing

We believe that the best jewelry products start with a good supply chain. We guarantee our extensive inventory, impressive lead time, and use of quality materials with a good supply chain.

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