Solid Supply Chain

Sourcing the best across the country

We believe in creating jewelry that uses the finest raw materials sourced from the best suppliers across China. Having a reliable supply chain means we can offer you an extensive inventory, fast lead times and a high-quality finished product.




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Only the best suppliers

We only work with established, quality-focused suppliers that provide a reliable flow of materials. 

Noted material clusters

Our trusted raw material suppliers are based in Guangdong, China.

Solid supply chain

Our strong supply network helps us to fulfil wholesale and OEM jewelry orders on time.

How our stable supply chain benefits you

Our well-organized supply chain provides us with a steady supply of the premium raw materials needed to make gorgeous fashion jewelry. So, your customized jewelry orders are never held up in production.

Solid Supply Chain

We Guarantee

Competitive prices

Premium materials

Huge inventory

Stable supply

You Benefit

Cost control

Quality jewelry

Fast lead times

Streamlined production

Great jewelry needs great materials

Hola More sources materials from the best suppliers across China. We also screen every supplier to ensure the raw materials are of the highest quality.

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