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Hardware Key Necklace SN8585L - Hardware

Sku Number: SN8585L

Design Philosophy

This collection not only has waterproof stainless steel but plays with the masculine elements of construction hardware. The two pendants play with screws and bolt shapes with the classic silhouette of a key and dog tag pendant. The elongated shape of the bolt bracelet brings a subtle look that is perfect for layer or on it’s own. The unique look of the bolt chain link necklace will capture the eye of those around you.


  • Color: Steel Color

  • Metal Base: Stainless Steel

  • Stone: /

  • Dimension: Length 20"+Extender 2"

Products Details

SN8585L 1 2
SN8585L,SN8585L 1
SN8585L 2
SN8584L,SN8585L,SN8586L,SB8587L 1
SN8584L,SN8584L 1,SN8585L,SN8585L 1,SN8586L,SN8586L 1,SB8587L,SB8587L 1

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