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Organic Crystal Embossed Sun Necklace SN5901-1

Sku Number: SN5901-1

Design Philosophy

Raw Crystals have been characterized to have natural healing powers and bring you good energy. Crystals are thought to absorb natural energy from the sun and moon’s rays. That energy can be brought to you by wearing the crystals or having them close to you. In this Organic crystal capsule the necklace features a natural raw geode as seen on the runways from Fendi, a set of crystal door knocker earrings, a large crystal pendant with embossed energy rays, and crystal ring that is great for stacking.


  • Color: Rhodium plating

  • Metal Base:Brass

  • Stone:Glass stone

  • Dimension: Size can be customized

Products Details

A31A2727 1
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Product Specifications

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