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SN8588L 2

Palmtree Necklace SN8588L - Beach

Sku Number: SN8588L

Design Philosophy

The perfect place to spend your summer is at the beach. This beach collection will extend the carefree vibes of not have to worry about your jewelry with the stainless steel waterproof jewelry. The most celebrated icon in the beach collection is the palm tree. Where there is a palm tree you know the water and tropical vibes are close by.


  • Color: Steel Color

  • Metal Base: Stainless Steel

  • Stone: /

  • Dimension: Length 20"+Extender 2"

Products Details

SN8588L 1 2
SN8588L 1,SB8589L 1,SR8590L 1
SN8588L 2
SN8588L,SN8588L 1,SB8589L,SB8589L 1,SR8590L,SR8590L 1

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